The CMS4VR system supports three types of users. Each has different permissions and access levels.

User type:

  • The Developer – the owner of the CMS4VR system license, i.e. you. There‚Äôs only one Developer account.
  • The Administrator account can be created by the Developer or another Administrator. It can create new users. The Administrator cannot:
    • Create the backups of the project
    • Restore the project backups
    • Clone the system
    • Register the krpano license
    • Delete the krpano license
    • Reset the project to factory settings
  • The Editor is characterized by limited access to the system. It only has access to the categories selected and assigned by the Administrator for such Editor. Moreover, the Editor does not have access to essential functions of the system. The Editor only has access to the following sections:
    • SCENES
    • MEDIA
    • APPS & GAMES

In addition, the Editor cannot:

  • Delete panoramas/scenes
  • Delete the Categories
  • Delete files from the MEDIA section

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