Updates of the CMS4VR system

Checking for updates of the system and updating it.

The CMS4VR system includes the function of remote update to the latest version.


How to update the CMS4VR system?

  • Click on ‘Check for update

  • The below information will be displayed


  • In the case of ‘Update available’, you can choose:
    • Remote update. Click on ‘REMOTE UPDATE’ and wait. The page will reload itself after updating. Note: this operation may take over a dozen seconds (it depends on the server-to-server connection speed).
    • Upload from a ZIP. Click on ‘UPLOAD FROM ZIP’ . Select the update file from your computer. Then confirm using ‘OK’, in order to upload the file to the system, and wait for the operation to complete. The page will reload itself after updating.


The ZIP installation file can be downloaded by clicking on

Note: after update, clear your browser’s cache and update the currently used template. The templates can be downloaded from: https://cms4vr.com/features/download/


More about the CMS4VR system

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