Text POI

This type of POI allows to place a button with a pop-up text window in the panorama. It’s the ideal solution for describing the visible elements.


This type of POI includes:

  • POI title. Note! The title is displayed after you hover over a given POI using your mouse. Title in the default language cannot be left blank.
  • Text description entered with the use of WYSIWYG Editor. Option. Note. In the case when description is left blank, the window will not load when you click on POI – only the title will be displayed when you hover over it using your mouse.
  • Possibility to add background audio/voiceover.


Adding a text POI:

  • Grab the POI indicator and drag it to the desired position in a panorama.

Optional: double click in order to activate window with the list of POIs.

  • Select the correct type of POI

  • Fill out its title

It is obligatory for the default language.

Note: If you won’t complete the POI title in a different language, then this POI in such different language won’t be visible in the project.
  • Add description – optional.

Note: The description fully supports SEO. It is worth to add description to the panorama.

  • Add audio – optional. Such audio must be previously sent to the MEDIA section.

  • Confirm using ‘Save


Editing POI

  • click on the POI icon

  • Introduce changes and confirm them.

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