You can use this component to place stickers in the panorama space. It is the perfect solution for advergaming.

This component is disabled by default.


  • SETTINGS → Stickers → Options
  • List of the Stickers categories.

  • Select the Stickers categories by clicking on the thumbnail

  • Confirm changes using ‘Save
  • Enable visibility of the Stickers and confirm using ‘Save


Use of the Stickers in your project:

  • Click on the following icon:
  • Click on
  • Choose one of the active categories

  • Select the desired graphic image

  • Define the position, size, rotation and other parameters of the Stickers
    • Deletion of the Stickers:

    • Increase or decrease the size of the Stickers:

    • Move the layer higher or lower (in the case of greater number of the Stickers in one place):
    • Confirm with the use of

  • Panel for positioning of the Stickers:
    • Rotation in Y axis

    • Rotation in X axis

    • Rotation in Z axis

Note: it is possible to add as many Stickers as you want in one panorama.


Sharing your Stickers composition:

  • Click on the following icon after adding all the Stickers:
  • Download a link for the Stickers or share them on the web.


  • Each Stickers composition has its own separate link.
  • The composition is not visible in the main project.
  • You can compose any given number of Stickers in one panorama

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