This type of POI provides you with the possibility to navigate between panoramas/scenes.

Adding POI to a panorama using the first method:

  • Find the target panorama in the index of panoramas.
  • Click on one of the two icons and drag onto a given panorama in the main POI editor window.

  • Drop it.

Note. You can add two types of POI in this mode:

  • Standard POI for a panorama

  • Floor POI


Floor POI allows to place POI on the floor of a panorama/scene. The POI scale and perspective depends on the configured distance of POI from the camera.

Floor POI settings. In order to enable the settings, click on Floor POI:

  • Delete POI

  • Floor dragging of POI

  • Vertical dragging of POI (perfectly compatible with panoramas with a depth map).

Note: do not place POI below the floor level in the case of panoramas with a depth map.
  • Reset of POI vertical position to default settings

  • Decrease of POI size

  • Increase of POI size

  • Reset of POI size


Adding POI to a panorama using the second method:

  • Grab the POI indicator and drag it to the window of active panorama.

  • Select POI TO SCENE

  • Select the target panorama/scene and confirm OK

Note: It is possible to set the initial view of the target panorama/scene from this POI. In order to do this:

  • go to the target panorama selection window and click on

  • set the initial view of this POI and confirm it using ‘OK’


You can edit POI for panorama by clicking on POI and then on the EDIT icon

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