POI settings

It is a very significant component in the scope of global POI settings.


Go to:

  • SETTINGS → POI settings
  • Click on the options


Settings list

  • Background size. Sets the POI background size in px. Default: 28 px.
  • ICO size. Sets the POI icon size. Default: 18 px.
  • Background round edge. Sets the degree of the POI background round edge. Default: 20px.
    • background round edge 0 px:

    • background round edge 40 px:

    • background round edge 100 px:

  • POI rotate. Rotates the POI background by 45 degrees. It is enabled by default.
    • CHECK :

    • UNCHECK :

  • Hide panorama popup in VR mode. If you will check this option, then the preview of target scene/panorama thumbnail in VR will be disabled

  • Flip colors. It changes the display order of base colors.
    • Option disabled:

    • Option enabled:

  • Streetview effect. It enables/disables the permeation and rotation effect during transition to the next panorama (similar effect to the Street View).
  • Static panorama preview. It enables or disables the preview of target panorama rotation in the preview window. In the case, when ‘Static panorama preview’ is active , a thumbnail will be displayed in the preview instead of the target panorama rotation.
  • Streetview POI move effect. It sets intensity of the animated distortion effect during transition to panorama/target scene. Note: Streetview effect must be disabled.
  • Block moveto POI. It is disabled by default.
    • Disabled : After clicking on ‘POI to scene’, a given panorama will rotate towards that POI and load the target panorama.
    • Enabled : After clicking on ‘POI to scene’, the target panorama will be immediately loaded.
  • Hide panorama popup in normal mode. It is disabled by default.
    • Disabled : After hovering with your mouse over ‘POI to scene’, the POPUP of the target panorama will be displayed:

    • Enabled : After hovering with your mouse over ‘POI to scene’, only the TITLE of the target panorama will be displayed:

  • Ignore preview custom view POI. When it is checked, the Custom view settings are ignored


Custom view is set in the ‘POI to scene’ options: or

  • Auto generate POI to scene. It is disabled by default.

When it is checked , it will automatically generate the POI between panoramas. The system operates in an automatic manner.


NOTE: In order for ‘Auto generate POI to scene’ to function correctly, you must:

  • Set all panoramas ‘north’ in the POI Editor (POI EDITOR → SET NORTH )
  • Set the precise location of each panorama on a Google map (POI EDITOR → EDIT SCENE DATA → Coordinates).


  • Auto generate dollhouse FLOOR POI. This is an experimental function. It is used to automatically add ‘POI to scene’ in the Dollhouse area.


  • Label background POI. It is disabled by default.
    • Option disabled

    • Option enabled

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