POI EDITOR – main overview

The POI editor is a powerful component intended for management. This is the main content management tool.

Left side of the POI EDITOR window includes the project navigation panel, which is based on the category and tag structure.

The following elements are located next to the navigation panel:

  • EDIT SCENE DATA – It activates the advanced edit mode of a given panorama/scene (similarly to SCENES → Edit)

  • MAKE A NEW THUMBNAIL – It creates a new thumbnail of a given panorama/scene

  • The arrow for collapsing/expanding the navigation panel

  • RESET VIEW – It resets the camera position in panoramas with a depth map

  • POI DEPTH CHECKER – Intended for panoramas with a depth map. Enabling/disabling of the POI distance preview. It allows you to check, whether a given POI is placed before or outside the depth map border. In the case, when the POI is placed outside the depth map border, it won’t be visible in the project, as it won’t fit within the area determined by the panorama’s depth map.

  • PREVIEW THIS SCENE IN A NEW WINDOW – It enables preview of the currently active panorama in a separate window.


Upper section of the POI EDITOR window includes:

  • SET START VIEW – it allows to set the initial view of a panorama. Note. Each time you set the initial view, it generates a new thumbnail of a given panorama/scene. If you would like to have a different thumbnail than the defined initial view, you need to first set the view, and only then generate a new thumbnail.

  • A button for adding various types of POI.

  • SET NORTH – configuration of the north direction in a panorama.


In the right side section of the POI EDITOR window, it is possible to enable preview of the map or floorplan with the location of a given panorama/scene.

Note. The map or floorplan will load correctly only in the case when the panorama location is appropriately defined on the map or floorplan.

Detailed information about locating a panorama on the map:

  • SCENES → Edit → Panorama settings – coordinates


  • POI EDITOR → EDIT SCENE DATA  → Panorama settings – coordinates


Detailed information about locating a panorama on the floorplan:


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