This specialized type of POI provides you with the possibility to insert photos/graphic images in the 3D space of a given panorama/scene.

If you want to, you can place them on all flat surfaces:

  • walls,
  • tabletops,
  • screens,
  • frames,
NOTE: such graphic image/photos must be previously uploaded to the MEDIA section.



  • Click on the POI indicator and drag it to the window of panorama/scene.

  • Choose the appropriate type of POI

  • Use the pop-up window to select the correct file

  • If you want the photo to be displayed in the main window when you click it, then mark the Flyout option.

  • Confirm using ‘OK


Configuration of the photo/graphic image position in the 3D space of panorama/scene:

  • Click on the photo/graphic image
  • Main window of the POI SPACE options allows you to change:

    • 1Chroma key settings. You can mark the chosen color, which will not be displayed in PHOTO SPACE POI.
      • Click on

      • Click on the probe to select excluded color

      • Click on a color of your choice in POI

      • Set the additional parameters for color exclusion.

      • Click on and move your mouse left or right. In order to achieve precise adjustments, use – or +.
    • 2 – Activation of DEPTH POI CHECKER. It is applicable only to panoramas with a depth map and it allows to check whether POI is not located “behind a wall”.
    • 3 – Deletion of PHOTO SPACE POI.
    • 4 – Configuration of the Yaw, Pitch, Roll parameters, i.e. rotation in different directions. Switch them by clicking on , and then in order to set individual parameters.
    • 5 – Configuration of the position of PHOTO SPACE POI. Click on individual parameters in order to set the shift along the OX (red), OZ (green), or OY (blue) axis . Click on the selected parameter and then move your mouse along the axis , or use – and + in order to achieve precise adjustment.
    • 6 – Configuration of the scale/size of PHOTO SPACE POI. Click on the individual parameters in order to set the scale in the scope of width, aspect ratio or height of POI. Click on a specific scale parameter, and then move your mouse along the scale , or use – and + in order to achieve precise adjustment.
    • 7activation of POI editing.
    • 8 – cloning of POI along with the settings. The cloned POI will appear with shift in regard to the active POI (for easier editing).
    • 9confirmation of POI settings.


NOTE: This is applicable to panoramas with a depth map. Make sure that in the case of these panoramas, the Y (blue) axis is visible in the scene. If you cannot see the y (blue) axis, then POI is hidden "outside" the depth map border, and it will not be visible in the project. Move POI to the appropriate position using the OX (Green) and OZ (red) shift. In the case of placement of POI in a horizontal position (floor, tabletop, table, etc.), it is necessary to use the appropriate OZ, OX, OY settings. Each time check the results of your settings by clicking on the preview of panorama/scene 




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