This type of POI displays photos when clicked.

Note: it is possible to add a photo title and description to this type of POI. If you won’t add a title in a language other than the default language, then such POI will not be visible in the project.

Adding POI:

  • Click on the POI indicator and drag it to the window of panorama/scene.

  • Select the appropriate type of POI

  • Fill out its title.

  • Fill out its description (optional).
  • Select a photo

Note! Such photo must be previously sent to the MEDIA section.
  • Select the chosen photo

  • Confirm it with

  • Confirm changes using


NOTE: you have to select the correct photo in every language version.


Editing Photo POI:

  • Click on the Edit icon

  • Introduce changes and confirm them using ‘Save.

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