This type of POI allows to activate a pop-up window with 3D objects from the sketchfab.com platform.


Adding POI:

  • Click on the POI indicator and drag it to the window of panorama/scene.

  • Select the appropriate type of POI

  • Fill out its name
  • Paste the web address of a given 3D object from the web browser.
    • Go to https://sketchfab.com
    • Find a 3D object and open it in your web browser
    • Copy the web address
    • Paste it into the Link field
  • Confirm changes using ‘Save


NOTE: In the case when there are other language versions in the project, then it is necessary to complete every one of them.



  • Click once on the POI icon
  • Click on Edit

  • Introduce changes and confirm them using ‘Save

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