This module allows you to add your own Nadir.

It is disabled by default.

Module options:

  • Possibility to upload your own file.
  • Addition of Tooltip, which is displayed after hovering with your mouse over Nadir.
  • Addition of URL to Nadir.
  • Determination of the Nadir size/scale.
  • Enabling/disabling the Nadir permanent mode.


Addition of Nadir

  • Go to: SETTINGS → Nadir
  • Click on the options

  • Click on ‘Browse’ and upload the Nadir file.

  • Add the Tooltip description (optional).

  • Add the URL to the page that should be opened after clicking on Nadir (optional).

  • Determine the Nadir scale

  • Check ‘Static’ option, if you want Nadir to have a permanent position in the panorama: . By default, Nadir “floats” as the panorama is rotated.


In order to enable visibility of Nadir in the project, click on and confirm with ‘Save

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