This is an advanced component designed for adding the effects of sun flares and glares to panoramas.

Properties of this POI:

  • 18 types of flares
    • SUNSET
    • NORMAL
  • DUST EFFECT – it simulates realistic contamination of the lens.
  • DESKTOP ONLY – option that allows to disable the flare effects on mobile devices (in order to save CPU resources and browser memory of mobile devices).


Adding a Lensflare POI:

  • Click on the POI indicator and drag it to the window of panorama/scene.

  • Select the appropriate type of POI

  • Choose a Lensflare style and configure the parameters.

  • Confirm using ‘OK’.


NOTE: In addition, you can also set:

  • Size of the Lensflare effect. In order to increase or decrease size of the Lensflare effect, click on under the POI icon , and increase (+) or decrease (-) its SIZE

  • Lensflare transparency. In order to increase or decrease transparency of the LENSFLARE effect, click on under the POI icon, and increase (+) or decrease (-) the ALPHA option

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