This type of POI provides you with the possibility to describe visible objects directly in the panorama. Such description is visible as containing a title and description.


Adding a Label POI

  • Click on the POI indicator and drag it to the window of panorama/scene.

  • Select the appropriate type of POI

  • Fill out its title
  • Fill out its description (optional)
  • Choose the direction of text arrangement

  • Confirm using ‘Save


Note: In the case of other language versions, it is necessary to complete every one of them separately.


Editing a Label POI:

  • Click once on the POI icon and select the Edit icon

  • Make changes and confirm them using ‘Save’.



By activating the POI options,

you are able to additionally configure:

  • Size of the Label POI by using + or –

  • Transparency of the Label POI by using + or –

  • Rotation of the Label POI by using + or –

  • Color of the text

  • Color of the text shadow

  • Activation or deactivation of the background of the Label POI. SETTINGS → POI Settings → Label background POI ON/OFF. More information can be found in the SETTINGS.
    • Label POI without background:

    • Label POI with background:

Note: in the case of panoramas with a depth map, the size of Label POI  is set using  and – or + .

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