Cloning of an empty system

Cloning of an empty system

  • In order to create a new copy of the CMS4VR system, click on ‘clone system.

  • Enter a name of the new project

  • Enter a name of the directory, in which new version of the system will be installed.

Note: do not use special characters, spaces, etc.

  • Leave this option unchecked. By checking this box, you will make a copy of the entire project.

  • Paste the krpano license .

Note: If the krpano license has been saved in the project database (during system installation), then its content will be automatically pasted into the correct field.

  • We do not recommend the use of other krpano license versions on the same server/hosting account. It can result in a conflict between different krpano license versions, depending on the individual server configuration.
  • If you want to keep the license for further installations or project cloning, then check the field ‘Save krpano license for further use (system cloning, re-registration of krpano tools)’.

Note: remember that the saved krpano license is visible to the Developer. Therefore, if you have saved the krpano license in the project, then do not make your Developer account available to unauthorized persons.

  • Check the entered data! After starting, this operation cannot be stopped!
  • After checking the correctness of all data, click on ‘Clone’


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