Amazon Polly

This system includes the possibility to generate an automatic voiceover based on the Amazon Polly engine.


Note: In order to make this module work, it is necessary to have the keys generated at Log in to your account and go to the following website:

Amazon Support and “Getting Started” guide for Amazon Polly:


Activation of the Amazon Polly automatic voiceover.

  • SETTINGS → Amazon Polly
  • Click on the options icon

  • Enter the AWS Access Key and AWS Secret Key in the settings module and confirm using ‘Save

  • Go to the ‘LANGUAGES’ section

  • Enable the Options of the selected language

  • Expand the Amazon Polly voice list
  • Select a default voiceover for a given language
  • Confirm using ‘Save


How to use Amazon Polly?

When you select the voiceover for a given language in the option of adding a background audio/voiceover

there will be an additional option: “Get audio from Amazon

After clicking on this button, the CMS4VR System will connect to Amazon and upload the appropriate audio file to the MEDIA section. In order to add a background audio, click on  and confirm using ‘Save.


NOTE: efficiency and speed of Amazon Polly depends on the speed of your connection to the Amazon’s servers. In the case when Amazon Polly is not working properly for reasons beyond the control of the CMS4VR system, turn on the automatic voiceover instead:

SETTINGS → Autodescription ON

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