Advanced panorama/scene editing

It is possible to edit a panorama/scene from:

  • SCENES → Edit


  • CATEGORIES → Panoramas → Edit





Panorama/scene editing supports multilingualism.


The advanced panorama editing enables:

Panorama description

  • Changing the title scene


  • Addition of a description to a given panorama (full SEO support)


  • Tag management


  • Possibility to add background audio or voiceover to a given panorama


Thumbnail settings

  • Addition of your own thumbnail


Depth map settings

  • Upload of the depth file to a panorama (*.stl, *.depth, *.obj, *.jpg, *.png)


  • Depth map parameter settings


    • Depth map background: blank, panorama


    • Depth map scale: size of mapping. Default 100 – for Blender and PanoCamAdder, where 100 = 100cm.


    • Offset: configuration of the depth map value of mapping between “pin-balance” and “pin-cushion”. Default setting: 0


    • Subdiv: defines the number of triangles in the depth map. Default setting: blank.


    • Center: configuration of the center allows you to define a custom center point of the 3D model (in the original as well as non-scaled geometry units). From this center, the panoramic image will be displayed on the 3D geometry.


 Dollhouse settings


  • Prealign: With the prealign setting the pano image itself can be aligned/rotated.

This can be used to correct miss-aligned pano images.

  • ox | oy | oz: moving of the camera in relation to the dollhouse.


Panorama settings: coordinates

Panorama/scene position setting on the Google map:

  • first click sets the marker
  • second click deletes the marker


Panorama altitude

Marking of the panorama altitude.


Media Gallery

Assignment of a selected media gallery to a given panorama (galleries are created in the GALLERIES section).


Replace panorama

Replacement of panorama with a new version. The replaced panorama is deleted from the server.

The procedure for replacing a panorama is the same as when adding a new panorama. You can upload the panorama file to the server or upload the zip file prepared on your computer.

  • Select the panorama file: 360 file, 360 stereo over-under file, flat panorama file
  • Select the type of panorama processing:
    • Multires (360 or 360 stereo)
    • Normal (360 or 360 stereo)
    • Flat (flat or gigapanoramas)


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