Adding panoramas from a zip file

This procedure is used in the case when:

  • the server has no capability to process a given panorama
  • the panorama file is larger than the limit of file size
  • other limitations of the server occur.


In order to add a panorama from a zip file, you need to:

  • launch the krpanotools application on your computer (
  • drag a panorama file onto the application window
  • wait for the krpanotools to process the panorama
  • pack the created vtour folder into a zip file
  • enter the CMS4VR → SCENES
  • click on ‘New panorama from the ZIP file

  • select the category to which the panorama is supposed to be added

  • click on ‘BROWSE’ and select the zip file containing the processed panorama

  • click on ‘Save’



The krpano license installed in the CMS4VR system must be the same as the one in the krpanotools application. In the case of a different license key, there may occur a conflict with the display of panorama files.

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