Adding a new panorama

In order to process panoramas on the server, you have to register the krpano license key (during installation). In addition, the server must have shell_exec enabled.

In order to add a new panorama:

  • Click on ‘NEW PANORAMA’.

  • Type the title of a new panorama. Do not enter a title when uploading multiple panoramas (multiupload) – VIP Addon.

  • Select the processing method for a new panorama

    • Multires (360 or 360 stereo panoramas only) – it processes the full resolution of a panorama, while creating hundreds or thousands of fragments from it, which are then dynamically loaded. This is the perfect solution in the case when your priority is the quality and the greatest possible zoom of large-format panoramas.
    • Normal (360 or 360 stereo panoramas only) – it processes a panorama up to six walls with optimal size. This is the perfect solution for optimization of the number of files on the server.
    • Flat – this solution is intended for flat panoramas and gigapixels (default processing model – multires).
  • Select a category – the processed panorama will be automatically assigned to the selected category (it’s possible to change it later).

  • BROWSE – select the panorama file on your computer or mobile device.

  • Keep original file – this option keeps the original panorama file on the server. It’s possible to download this file to your computer later.

  • Cancel – this cancels the entire operation.

  • Save – this starts the process of uploading a given panorama to the server, as well as initiates processing of the file.

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