Adding a new language

The CMS4VR system allows you to add up to 44 language versions to the project.

To add a new language:


  • Click on ‘add language

  • Click on the correct flag of the added language version

  • Type the name in the appropriate language

  • If Amazon Polly is enabled, you can also set its parameters

  • Confirm using “Save



Every new language is DISABLED (unpublished). After adding a new language version, all titles and names are copied from the default language version. Prior to enabling/publication of the language, it is necessary to fill out all titles and names of:

  • Panoramas
  • Categories
  • Galleries
  • Floorplans
  • etc.

After completion of all descriptions, titles, POIs, publish the new language by clicking on ‘Publish’.



All POIs, which do not have a completed title (the title field is blank), WON’T BE VISIBLE in the new language. In order to make them visible, it is necessary to enter the POI title in a given language. More information can be found in the ‘POI EDITOR’ section.

More about the CMS4VR system

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